CFL Power Rankings: After Week 5

Well this week there is a lot of movement within the Power Rankings. Teams are cruising, others are stumbling and the streaks we are seeing make it pretty is to see where teams sit in the rankings.

1. (LW - 2) Edmonton Eskimos (5-0) - The Eskimos find a way to win. I'm still hesitating putting them this high because they edged out a win over a Toronto team that seems to be regressing and the week before did the same against a Stampeders team that is also struggling to find their game. The difference; the Eskimos know how to win the close game, something that hasn't been seen at Commonwealth in half a decade.

2. (LW - 3) Winnipeg Blue Bombers (4-1) - The Blue and Gold did their late coach Richard Harris proud. Seven sacks in their win over the B.C. Lions on an emotional night. While the health of Buck Pierce continues to be a concern, he's still behind centre at the start of games. Kudos to back-up quarterback Alex Brink, however, I feel once teams get a look at his tendencies he'll have a lot more difficulty moving the ball.

3. (LW - 4) Hamilton Tiger-Cats (3-2) - A struggling start and a big 33-3 win over Saskatchewan was the springboard to an impressive three game winning streak. The win streak continued after an impressive win over the Montreal Alouettes and a reason they're placed above the powerful Als this week.

4. (LW - 1) Montreal Alouettes (3-2) - I still believe the Alouettes are the team to beat in the CFL but they are looking a little more human. Is the departure of Avon Cobourne having an impact? His replacement Brandon Whitaker had a total of 30-yard day while Cobourne had 126-yards from scrimmage in the Tiger-Cat win. No Cahoon and no Watkins can also be thrown in as reason the Alouettes are coming back to the pack.

5. (LW - 5) Calgary Stampeders (3-2) - I wonder if John Hufnagel's handshake with Greg Marshall after the Stamps 22-18 win in Regina on Saturday came with a thank-you note. The Roughriders gift-wrapped at least five points in the four-point loss. The Stampeders have not won my respect to put them into the top half of the league.

6. (LW - 6) Saskatchewan Roughriders (1-4) - What's wrong with the Roughriders? Everything is as close to an answer as I can give you and actually in a 180 from last season, the special teams are the least of the team's worries. I do believe Greg Marshall when he says 'our quarterback is not the problem'. It's true, Durant isn't get much help from anybody in his receiving corps outside of Weston Dressler.

7. (LW - 7) Toronto Argonauts (1-4) - A four game losing streak after an impressive debut in Calgary. The Argonauts could be dropped below B.C. in the power rankings but they did have three good quarters against the Edmonton Eskimos and if it weren't for some curious time keeping, they may well have won.

8. (LW - 8) B.C. Lions (0-5) - Thank goodness Buck Pierce is no longer playing behind that offensive line. They got beat up and it's hard for Travis Lulay to find the receivers when he's running for his life and then there is that little problem of the receivers being able to hold on to the football. We'll see if Tad Kornegay turns things around, he did play receiver in high school so maybe he can flip to the offensive side of the ball, to help them out.

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