CFL Power Rankings: After Week 18

Five teams are tied for top spot overall in the league. But I did this to myself.

I decided to provide my power rankings on a weekly basis, so I guess I'll grit my teeth and try to decide who's all powerful and who's just pretending in terms of these rankings. Thank goodness, the bottom isn't as tough to decide as the top.

1. (LW - 3) B.C. Lions (10-7) - Okay, I acknowledged two weeks ago that the Lions would have a wake-up call. It happened when they got trounced a week ago. I shouldn't have dropped them from first. I made a mistake.... let me redeem myself by jinxing them by putting them back on top.

2. (LW - 1) Montreal Alouettes (10-7) - The Alouettes lost to the Stampeders, yes... but everybody else lost in the top four except for the Lions so the Alouettes only fall one spot. Injuries to tackle Josh Bourke and receiver Kerry Watkins are a big loss. Dare I say Grey Cup preview with the Als in B.C. this week. Dare I?!?! If you follow me on twitter (@jamienye), you know of one thing; The Nye Jinx.

3. (LW - 6) Calgary Stampeders (10-7) - A big jump up for the Stampeders who are 2-0 under the direction of Drew Tate. I'm not sold Tate is going to be great, but good right now is good enough. Henry Burris and Philip Rivers should go to sneak school, or whatever it is that Matt Dunigan's been pimping lately. Is that a full credit course?

4. (LW - 4) Edmonton Eskimos (10-7) - The Esks lose to the best and hottest team in the league. They stay here while everybody around them moves. Now they need to get ahead of the game on Friday night and force the B.C. Lions to win if the Leos want to claim first place in the West. Edmonton has Saskatchewan on the schedule so that's a guaranteed win.... right? Wrong. Riders win. Just a hunch.

5. (LW - 2) Winnipeg Blue Bombers (10-7) - Alex Brink is back to being the starter and they just lost to Toronto. It can get worse for Winnipeg, they could lose top spot in the East and then lose in the East Semi-Final and not make the Grey Cup. Can they clinch first before Montreal's game? (ooops... I said Grey Cup, first and clinch. I hope Paul LaPolice doesn't read this)

6. (LW - 7) Toronto Argonauts (5-12) - A win for the Argonauts in Winnipeg! That's just impressive enough to jump up a spot.

7. (LW - 8) Saskatchewan Roughriders (5-12) - I know what you're thinking. I forgot a team. I'll get to that. The Roughriders defence has been very good and it was just a matter of time when the offense was able to control the ball long enough to generate some points.

8. (LW - 5) Hamilton Tiger-Cats (8-9) - I'll be honest. The stories coming out of Hamilton about players not happy about the QB rotation and when a key leader is too upset to grant an interview after the game has me believe they are out in the first round... again. Marcel Bellefeuille's chair is red hot if that happens.