CFL Power Rankings: After Week 16

Well the Saskatchewan Roughriders have nowhere to go but in the basement. They've lost four straight. Toronto just beat Calgary so there's no denying it. The team that hasn't scored a touchdown in over a month hits rock bottom.

A few other teams switch spots as well.

1. (LW - 1) B.C. Lions (9-6) - Remember when this team was 0-5? Neither do I because I thought they were much better than their 0-5 record and they've proven it with a 9-1 record since that time. Best team in the CFL by far, although I do see a game coming up when they just don't have it. They hope it's not in the playoffs.

2. (LW - 2) Montreal Alouettes (10-5) - The Montreal Alouettes continue to struggle within games but are just able to do enough to get by. They now hold first alone in the East and once again, the Alouettes rule the roost although the competition is much stiffer this season.... FINALLY!

3. (LW - 3) Winnipeg Blue Bombers (9-6) - They just lost to the team just below them in these rankings but I still feel they're a top three team in the CFL. They will prove that with a home game against the Alouettes this week.

4. (LW - 6) Edmonton Eskimos (9-6) - The Edmonton Eskimos defence has been phenomenal for two straight weeks. Fred Stamps has only has one game where he was sensational since returning from injury. Stamps and Ray need to reconnect if this team is going to threaten come playoff time.

5. (LW - 4) Calgary Stampeders (8-7) - What a disappointment that was for a team vying for a home playoff game. You just can't lay an egg against the worst team in the league. Now they have the distraction of a quarterback controversy. Just in time to take on the Roughriders, who have been the slump busters all season. (see B.C.)

6. (LW - 5) Hamilton Tiger-Cats (7-8) - While the Stampeders are in their QB controversy, as to are the Tiger-Cats. They switched quarterbacks three times on Sunday, although one was because of injury. The carousel at quarterback position is going to kill the Tiger-Cats who looked like a force to be reckoned with about three weeks ago.

7. (LW - 8) Toronto Argonauts (4-11) - The Toronto Argonauts got away with one against a sick and terribly unproductive Stampeder team. But they won, which is something the team they've moved ahead of haven't.

8. (LW - 7) Saskatchewan Roughriders (4-11) - 128-27.... 265:15... 0-8... Three stats that sum up the season and the four game losing streak for the Roughriders. If you know what these stats represent and you're a Rider fan. My condolences.