CFL Power Rankings: After Week 13

These power rankings took much deliberation.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders, who looked like a team climbing took a big step back in their run at the playoffs. The inconsistency across the league continues, which is a sign of parity. A good thing to have in a league but something that causes the fans of all eight teams to tear their hair out on a consistent basis.

1. (LW - 1) B.C. Lions (6-6) - The B.C. Lions have everything going; the offense, the defence, the special teams and a renovated stadium. I can't wait to see the Lions new digs and wonder if they've changed the crowd noise CD (still love that conspiracy). The Lions are by far the hottest and most deserving of this spot.

2. (LW - 4) Montreal Alouettes (7-5) - With news that Anthony Calvillo is healthy, I feel comfortable with them moving above a few teams. The consistency of the Alouettes appears to be getting better, especially with Brandon Whitaker's ability on the ground and threw the air.

3. (LW - 7) Hamilton Tiger-Cates (6-6) - The Tiger-Cats looked refreshed in Moncton. I give credit to the fantastic hospitality and significant portions of lobster likely consumed by the team in the Maritimes. Moving Marcus Thigpen to receiver was a fantastic move and don't rule the Tiger-Cats out of climbing up into a home playoff spot down the stretch.

4. (LW - 2) Saskatchewan Roughriders (4-8) - I believe the three game winning streak before the smack down they just took should be weighed in here. But I do have that sinking feeling things could get worse with two straight games in Alberta. But the games have to be played before Edmonton and Calgary jump above them in these rankings.

5. (LW - 6) Edmonton Eskimos (7-5) - The reason the Eskimos sit here is due to the injuries and all around disarray the two teams that actually lead their divisions are going through right now. Who would have thought the East and West Division leaders are 6-7 on the power rankings. This league is upside down sometimes.

6. (LW - 5) Calgary Stampeders (7-5) - The Calgary Stampeders quarterback Henry Burris has been yanked in consecutive games. The coach is calling out players. The star running back was benched. The question: Will the Stampeders recover the way the Tiger-Cats did after their coach and quarterback came under fire? Roughrider fans hope not.

7. (LW - 3) Winnipeg Blue Bombers (8-4) - The Blue Bombers were a fierce team in the first half of the season, but the injury bug is biting hard. When a team is bringing in Michael Bishop because of the injuries to their top two quarterbacks, you know they are in trouble. Buck Pierce is a winner and the Bombers need him back soon before the Als and Cats catch them.

8. (LW - 8) Toronto Argonauts (3-9) - When the Argonauts are able to beat a team with a healthy quarterback ... and backup quarterback, I'll start considering moving them higher in these rankings. Ejiro Kuale guarantees an Argos win over the Tiger-Cats on Sunday. You have to love the confidence, after you stop rolling your eyes.

What are your thoughts on the power rankings? Let me know on twitter: @jamienye