CFL Power Rankings: After Week 12

The Canadian Football League is a close race in these rankings and because of that fact, the rankings more or less are taking season standings out of the equation because it's time two teams deserve the recognition of their recent winning streaks.

Other teams need to take a hit for their inconsistent play.

And one team, is ... well .... bad.

1. (LW - 4) B.C. Lions (5-6) - A four game winning streak. After beating up on Toronto and a banged up Eskimos team, they went into Calgary and took it to the Stampeders. So the hottest team in the CFL is the most deserving of being in top spot of the POWER rankings.

2. (LW - 6) Saskatchewan Roughriders (4-7) - If the team with a four game winning streak is #1. The team with the three game winning streak, including two wins over the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, should be and are #2. I think many fans don't get hyped for the Argonauts game every year, and I feel that attitude is the same in the locker room. When push came to shove the Roughriders knocked the Argonauts around pretty severely in the fourth quarter.

3. (LW - 5) Winnipeg Blue Bombers (8-3) - A heck of a recovery by the Bombers after those two losses to Saskatchewan. It is always a significant feat to go into Montreal and beat the Alouettes and that's why they rise above the Als in this week's rankings.

4. (LW - 1) Montreal Alouettes (6-5) - The Als are becoming a very inconsistent team and it was wrong of me to put them number one last week, I acknowledge that. We all make mistakes, especially the Alouettes of late.

5. (LW - 2) Calgary Stampeders (7-4) - The Stamps, like the Alouettes, Bombers and Eskimos are just showing how tough it is to be at the top of their game for 18 weeks. Calgary has a lot to prove down the stretch and a banged up Henry Burris isn't going to help.

6. (LW - 7) Edmonton Eskimos (7-4) - This middle pack of team could be ranked anywhere from 3-6 and this is just where the Eskimos fall because they beat a team that's dropping like a stone last week. Having a date with Montreal this week will either keep them lower in these rankings or jumping above the #4 ranked Als.

7. (LW - 3) Hamilton Tiger-Cats (5-6) - It's never good when the coach and administration is being asked questions that have to do with the future of the head coach. The Roughriders went through that on a weekly basis earlier in the season and they didn't exactly look like a team ready to 'win one for the gipper'. We'll see what the Tiger-Cats do in Moncton as the 'home team'.

8. (LW - 8) Toronto Argonauts (2-9) - Remember that impressive opening week win against the Calgary Stampeders and everyone was thinking that these Argonauts are going to be a different team in 2011? Yeah.... good times.

What are your thoughts on these rankings? Who's too high or too low? Let me know on twitter: @jamienye