CFL Draft: Mock Draft Round 1

After breaking down where the Riders stand, let's take a crack at the Mock Draft.

I will say with so many NFL twists thrown in again this year it is a big guess on what teams will risk it and whether or not they do so in the first round.

1 - Hamilton Tiger-Cats: DL Linden Gaydosh (Calgary) - I don't think the Tiger-Cats mess around with one of the players that showed well and has many people believing he's going to a be CFL starter for a long time. Ben D'Aguilar and Mike Edem should also be on their radar because they can help out on special teams right off the bat, something they need badly. D'Aguilar has the added bonus of being out of McMaster.

2 - Winnipeg Blue Bombers: LB Mike Edem (Calgary) - This is who the Bombers should pick if they want help on Canadian depth right now and will influence greatly on what the Riders do at #4. I also feel you could see the Bombers taking Ben D'Aguilar here because if you look at their defensive line depth for non-imports... HELP!

3 - Montreal Alouettes: OL Matt Sewell (McMaster) - The Alouettes are never afraid to take a risk on a guy with NFL aspirations. They feel they can load up with the best talent and if they get lucky, that's great. Like Saskatchewan, they feel they can find non-drafted home grown talent to round out their depth.

4 - Saskatchewan Roughriders: DL Ben D'Aguilar (McMaster) - I'm predicting a trade here. I actually believe this will be someone else's pick with one asterix. If Mike Edem is still available at #4, that's who the Riders will take. I don't think he won't be and that's why they'll trade down. But if not, they haven't hid the fact they need defensive line depth.

5 - Montreal Alouettes: DL Andy Mulumba (Eastern Michigan) - His rise up the draft board isn't by chance and there is a thought he may be an early cut or not make it through training camp down south. More ready for the pros than D'Aguilar is.

6 - B.C. Lions: OL Corey Watman (Eastern Michigan) - B.C. needs to upgrade their non-import offensive line depth and some believe he may be the top offensive lineman in this draft.

7 - Calgary Stampeders: OL Brett Jones (Regina) - Remember what I said about the 4th overall pick. This is why. Riders trade down with Calgary because they want to pick D'Aguilar and the Riders take home grown offensive lineman Brett Jones.

8 - Toronto Argonauts: DL Brent Urban (Virginia) - The Toronto Argonauts take the best defensive lineman available without taking a reach on an NFL bound player. The departure of Ricky Foley means they need some help but feel they can wait for Urban to finish college.

9 - Ottawa RedBlacks: OL Nolan MacMillan (Utah) - The top redshirt junior available that they feel can help next season in 2014. You can never go wrong by starting your CFL roster with deep non-import talent on the offensive line.

So in review; Calgary selects Ben D'Aguilar, the Riders pick Brett Jones as I make a mock of a mock draft by predicting a trade.