Riders Training Camp Preview: Receiver

How can you not be excited about this battle when you have some pretty good pedigree coming up from the NFL?

In: Sinorice Moss, Bogdan Raic, Dwayne Jarrett, Justin Harper, Jason Chery, Taj Smith, Jock Sanders
Out: Andy Fantuz, Jason Clermont, James Robinson, Terrence Nunn, Ernie Wheelwright, Cary Koch, Freddie Barnes
Returning: Rob Bagg, Weston Dressler, Chris Getzlaf, Scott McHenry, Patrick Brown, Jordan Sisco, Dallas Baker, Efrem Hill

Riders Training Camp Preview: Special Teams

Being as how I have an extra day with rookie camp being pushed back to Thursday, I have added an extra blog on special teams. I’ll save receiver and quarterback for the last two days.

In: Chris Bodnar, Sinorice Moss, TJ Rushing, Jason Chery, Demetrius Crawford, Kory Sheets
Out: Luca Congi, Stu Foord, Kye Stewart
Returning: Chris Milo, Tristan Jackson, Brandon West

Riders Training Camp Preview: Running Backs

Hugh Charles couldn’t replace Wes Cates, Marcus Thigpen couldn’t and Brandon West couldn’t either. But in 2012 there is no Cates to fight for his job so it’s wide open on who will be the starting running back this season in Riderville.

In: Demetrius Crawford, Kory Sheets, DeShawn Wynn, Nathan Riva, Louis Rankin
Out: Stu Foord, Wes Cates
Returning: Brandon West, Yvenson Bernard, Neal Hughes, Graeme Bell

Riders Training Camp Preview: Defensive Backs

This is a position that is so up in the air. You could see a complete overhaul, a change or two or no change at all with the talent brought in to compete with the six regulars from last year.

In: Paul Woldu, Talmadge Jackson, Graig Newman, Macho Harris, TJ Rushing, Dominic Noel, Jalil Johnson
Out: Tamon George, John Eubanks, Jamal Fudge, Leron Mitchell
Returning: Tyron Brackenridge, Lance Frazier, Nick Graham, Tristan Jackson, Craig Butler, James Patrick, Eddie Russ, Chris McKenzie

Riders Training Camp Preview: Linebackers

On the defensive side of the ball there is no bigger battle than the one at linebacker as all three starers are gone from 2011.

In: Daren Stone, Jamar Williams, Daniel Sheffield, Sam Hurl, Kevin Regimbald-Gagne, Abraham Kromah
Out: Jerrell Freeman, Barrin Simpson, Sean Lucas, Kye Stewart
Staying: Mike McCullough, Chris Francis, Shomari Williams, Chris Graham, Cory Huclack

Riders Training Camp Preview: Offensive Line

The Saskatchewan Roughriders really have one battle on the offensive line and it’s a key one. Left Tackle.

In: Dominic Picard, Ben Heenan, Brendon LaBatte, Johan Asiata, Xavier Fulton
Out: Gene Makowsky, Marc Parenteau, Alexandre Gauthier
Returning: Dan Goodspeed, Chris Best, Alex Krausnick-Groh, Patrick Neufeld, Dan Clark, Nick Hutchins, Nerraw McCormack

Camp Battle Grade: B - The reason for the B grade with one spot open is due to the fact it is left tackle.

Riders Training Camp Preview: Defensive Line

I know it's early, but I couldn't help myself, thus begins a series of training camp previews to lead you to the start of main camp on Sunday, June 3rd.

First off the defensive line.

In: Boo Robinson, David Veikune, Odell Willis, Chris Ellis, Mick Williams, Curtis Gatewood
Out: Dario Romero, Remond Willis, RJ Roberts
Returning: Brent Hawkins, Tearrius George, Keith Shologan, Mathieu Boulay, Kenny Rowe

Mini-Camp Minis

Welcome to 2012 Saskatchewan Roughriders season.

The coach is hired, the players signed, the schedule out, the renovations being completed... it's hear.

Mosaic Stadium was bustling yesterday for mini-camp and here are some of my thoughts from Day 1.