Roughriders not satisfied despite win

Team says there's still much to work on
Reported by Joel Gasson
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Despite the big win, the Roughriders aren't satisfied yet.

The team returned to Regina Saturday afternoon following their 43-16 blow out of the Hamilton Tiger Cats on Friday night.

"There's nothing perfect in any game," said head coach Corey Chamblin. "There's some things that weren't perfect on the offensive side and special teams, so that gives room to improve, and that's the good thing about it."

Despite all the hype going into the game surrounding Ti-Cats quarterback Henry Burris, and receiver Andy Fantuz, the team didn't feel like they had anything to prove.

"We went in with our game plane, worried about what we could do," said receiver Weston Dressler.

No one would have blamed Dressler if he was a more satisfied with his game than most, after having a career night with 13 catches, 180 yards receiving and three touchdowns. However, that wasn't the case.

"It was a fun game out there," said Dressler. "Just nice to get back on the field. Always nice when you can come away with a win."

One of the turning points during the game was a catch by Dressler, that probably would have been overturned if Hamilton had thrown the challenge flag.

"We practice it, we practice situations like that," said quarterback Darian Durant. "We practice every single situation, you never know what situation may come up in a game."

For Durant it was a bounce back again after a sub-par season last year. Despite all the pressure on him going into the game, he doesn't feel like he had to prove himself to anyone.

"I never doubted my ability, never questioned anything," said Durant.

Part of the reason why the Riders were so successful in shutting down Fantuz was defensive back Tyron Brackenridge .

"He had a good night," said Chamblin. "Andy had some catches on him, and he made some catches on him."

The Riders are now off the field until Tuesday, when they begin preparing for their home opener next Sunday against the Edmonton Eskimos.