PHOTOS: Hospitals of Regina Foundation 28th Home Lottery

Funds from this lottery will go towards buying digital medical imaging units
Reported by Adriana Christianson
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The Hospitals of Regina Foundation unveiled the $1.5 million grand prize home for the 28th Home Lottery on Tuesday.

The 3,500 square foot house in the Creeks is built by Varsity Homes. It boasts four bedrooms, a full bar in the basement with a hidden closet behind the cabinet and a fireplace on the outdoor deck. It comes fully furnished and landscaped along with $10,000 for the grand prize winner. The early bird prize is a 2014 Corvette Stingray or $75,000. HRF is also bringing back a 50/50 add on and a new cash calendar with daily prizes in the month of June.

You might say the biggest winner has already been chosen because the money raised from the home lottery will go towards purchasing two digital fluoroscopy units, one for the Regina General and one for the Pasqua Hospital.

Tim Pilon is in charge of medical imaging equipment with the Regina Qu’appelle Health Region. 

“Flouroscopy units are used for live imaging of the body,” he said. “So for example when a radiologist is working with a patient and they are doing swallowing exams of course it’s all in motion so they need to see that in live as opposed to a static picture like an X-ray.”

Pilon explained this equipment helps with diagnostics for cancer and gastrointestinal problems. He described the annual funding contributions from the HRF Home Lottery as essential to upgrading equipment.

“It has targeted a lot of the older equipment that was in dire need of repair or replacement, in this case it is replacement equipment.”

The cost of these digital units ranges from $600,000 to $1 million. Not only is it the latest technology, Pilon said this new equipment will offer much better and faster imaging, allowing teams to work more efficiently.

You can find more information about the Hospitals of Regina Foundation Home Lottery on their website.

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