How would Mosaic Stadium be evacuated?

Regina Fire Marshall describes plan following minor fire on MaxTron
Reported by Brant Hilton
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Although the damage was minimal, a small fire behind one of the scoreboards at Mosiac Stadium last Friday begs the question of what plans are in place in the event of an emergency.

Regina Fire and Protective Services, along with other local emergency services, are always on call during a CFL game or any other major event. Regina Fire Marshall Randy Ryba admits, though, evacuating more than 33,000 from the stadium would be a challenge.

"We try and direct people - that's why there are numerous exits to pathways to ground and out," said Ryba. "We want this to be conducted safely."

It would be easier to empty the stadium ahead of severe weather because emergency services would have time to prepare for it. An unexpected fire, however, would provide a bigger challenge.

No matter what happens, one of the main goals would be to keep everyone calm. Ryba said an environment filled with panic could lead to chaos and injuries.

Although News Talk Radio was not told the specific details outlining exit strategies, Ryba does reiterate the evacuation plan is always being updated and changed to ensure it would provide the best possible protection to patrons.

Regina Fire and Protective Services always conducts walk-throughs before every major event to make sure everything is running smoothly and the likelihood of a devastating incident is low.

To date, Ryba does not recall ever having to order a full-scale evacuation.

"Not since I've been around and not to my knowledge that anything has ever had to come about to that magnitude."

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