Holy Sheets! New Roughrider already on T-shirt

Sheet tweets fan design
Reported by Adriana Christianson
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Holy Sheets that was fast!  New Roughrider running-back Kory Sheets has his own fan slogan and a t-shirt. 

Sheets is racking up the yards and getting a lot of attention. It's not the Riders marketing team though, but a fan who is behind this Rider gear.

After running for his first touch-down in a CFL game, Sheets says it was one of his team-mates who coined the phrase 'Holy Sheets.' Later, he realized it was all over Twitter.

"When I went on Twitter someone said they was making t-shirts and I went and looked and it was like almost instantaneously that as soon as he said it they had put out shirts," said Sheets.

David Carnegie is the fan who put the phrase on a shirt. He says it's true that jokes like that spread quickly through Riderville.

"In Regina and online and in Rider Nation and stuff, whenever there's kind of a joke that comes up or a good saying it gets spread pretty quick," said Carnegie.

Carnegie started making custom t-shirts two years ago. He sells them online through a website, Piffles Saskatchewan Roughrider Wear but the young graphic-designer says it's more of a hobby than a business. For the sale price of $22.00 a shirt, considering the time he puts in, Carnegie says he's not even making minimum wage.

"I don't want to cross any lines here, I'm not really here to make money I'm just, I just like doing graphic design and I like the Riders."

He did get a bit of a boost this month, thanks to Twitter, selling about one dozen of the "Holy Sheets" shirts.  The help came from Sheets himself when he posted a picture of himself wearing one of the shirts.

"Like he's seen them and he's helped promote them and fans are asking like 'Where can I get these Holy Sheets t-shirts?' and he'll be like, ' Oh, here's the link!'" Carnegie explained.

Even though the word "Sheets" contains the stylized Roughrider "S" on the background of a football field and wheat, Carnegie insists he doesn't use any official logos. He has been warned by the Riders before over a different shirt, so he's being careful with his designs.

Edited by CJME's Murray Wood