GAME DAY: Riders hope to re-find winning ways in Montreal

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Reported by Joel Gasson
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The Riders are back on the road today trying to pick up a rare win in the Eastern time-zone.

Heading east has been a struggle for the Green and White, save for a night game earlier in the year against the Ottawa RedBlacks, the Riders have lost games in both Toronto and Hamilton.

One of the biggest reasons for those struggles could be the time change, especially when the team has to play at 11 a.m. Saskatchewan time.

"The biggest thing is they just have to be set to make sure the guys get up early," said head coach Corey Chamblin. "I think we've had enough of them that we should know how to play in those type games."

It's not just this year the Riders have struggled with the early starts and it's certainly something that isn't exclusive to them either. It's a trend over the years of Western teams heading East, just like Eastern teams tend to struggle in B.C. as well with the later starts.

A different team

It's pretty obvious that the Montreal Alouettes are a completely different team from the last time the Riders face them back on August 16 at Mosaic Stadium.

That day, Alex Brink was their starting quarterback after the team decided to go away from Troy Smith. Now, Johnathon Crompton has taken over that role and is actually 4-1 on as the team's starting quarterback.

"They are a better team with Crompton, "said defensive back Weldon Brown. "I feel like he's making better reads, his accuracy is there and he's making better decisions at the same time."

Because of that, Brown feels the defence's biggest job this week will be to stay disciplined and stay assignment sound.

With the offence being as up and down as it is, they could use a play or two from the defence as well.

"We got a great group of guys, we just got to make more plays," said Brown. "Give our offence more opportunities, whenever the situation occurs. That's our biggest focus."

Brown doesn't think the defence is being worn down because they've been spending more time on the field over the course of the season. It's more just getting late in the season and this is where the off-season training will start to pay-off.

Brack vs Ochocinco

This showdown is one almost an entire season in the making.

You may remember Tyron Brackenridge and Alouettes receiver Chad Johnson getting into a bit of a back-and-forth earlier this season on Twitter.

Johnson was injured when the Als came to down in August, so this will be the first time the two will meet face-to-face since.

"He's going to know who I am," said Brackenridge, who was then asked how will Johnson know who he is? "He's going to know I am."

Overall though, Brackenridge remains focused on the task at hand, winning.

"This is an important game for us, It's is a do-or-die game for them, that's what they're talking about" said Brackenridge.

Roster note

Tino Sunseri will get the start at quarterback for the Riders after sitting to start last week against Calgary. Sunseri did eventually make his way onto the field and nearly pulled off a 24-point comeback.

The Riders are getting some much needed depth back into their line-up with the return of offensive lineman Chris Best and punter Josh Bartel. Fullback Neal Hughes was expected to return but suffered a setback on Friday. Defensive lineman Derek Walker also won't play. Left guard Brendon LaBatte also won't play with an upper-body injury, Dan Clark will slide into his spot.

The Alouettes won't have running back Brandon Whitaker who was placed on the six-game injured list on Friday with a foot injury. An injury he suffered in practice on Wednesday.

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