Dwight Anderson accepts responsibility, can't guarantee no repeat performance

Team stands by play call signal as reason for the flag
Reported by Joel Gasson
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It was the talk around water coolers today...what happened to Dwight Anderson in Edmonton, and what set him off?

Anderson, and the team are still sticking to the line that it was a poor choice of a signal calling.

"That's illegal I guess in the CFL," said Anderson. "So, we went back to the office and changed it."

Anderson was even asked to show whatever the signal he gave was, but wouldn't play along. Anderson however did appear to be playing his own game, as he was rather stand-offish and short when asked a number of questions from reporters.

Like, when he was asked if he could guarantee it wouldn't happen again.

"Can I make a guarantee ? I don't guarantee nothing, ain't nothing in life that is a guarantee ." he said.

Anderson even seemed to get a little worked up over the wording of what he did. Anderson claims to have calmed down pretty quickly, but the film seems to show otherwise.

All of this being said, he does take the blame.

"Definitely, any time you take a penalty, it's on you, right?: said Anderson. "I definitely take responsibility for that."

This is nothing new for Anderson who is a very emotional player, something that often comes with negatives and positives. We saw the negative on Saturday, but the positive needs to come out now.

"In order for us to go forward, we have to have a positive demeanor for the football team," said defensive coordinator Richie Hall. "He brings positive life when he's in a positive frame of mind."

Hall goes on to say if they can't channel that positive energy that it can be a problem for the team, so it's something they definitely have to keep him on track.

Head coach Corey Chamblin wouldn't get into much detail about any strikes against Anderson for this, and he backed the story that it was a poor signal call choice, Chamblin says he did speak to Anderson about it.

"The way we react to our problems or situations it has to be in a mature manner," said Chamblin. "We have to make sure whatever we do, we're protecting our teammates."

Chamblin was also pleased with the way the veterans rallied around Anderson to try and calm him down.

The biggest question from all of this that remains unanswered is if this was in fact a play call...why was Anderson facing the Eskimos sideline?

"I just like talking to the sideline, that is," said Anderson.

News and notes

- The Riders released receiver Greg Carr this morning. Chamblin says it was younger guys bumped Carr out.

- One reason for the release was Geroy Simon returning to the practice field. Diamond Ferri was also back.

- Xavier Fulton was held out for precautionary reasons, Chamblin expects him back tomorrow. Terrell Maze also missed practice.