Durant 'as good as I can be' 1 month after injury

Injured QB sympathizes with teammates as losing streak continues
Reported by CJME staff
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Darian Durant is feeling as good as he can be considering he's once again out for the season with an injury.

On Tuesday, the Saskatchewan Roughriders quarterback visited the CJME Morrning News to talk about how he's been doing since his season-ending injury on June 27.

"Right now it's just me sitting around in a cast. I have to keep my foot elevated at least 22, 23 hours a day to stop the blood flow from going and keep the swelling down a little bit."

Durant's cast is about to come off his foot to be replaced by a walking boot. His recovery hasn't kept him away from the Roughriders, though. The pivot said he's keeping his spirits up by going to Mosaic Stadium to be with his teammates.

"I'm still in meeting every day. I try to be around as much as I can when I'm pretty much pain free, and try to help out the guys as much as I can."

However, the mood of the locker room isn't as positive as it could be; the Riders still haven't managed to get a win this season - a struggle Durant feels even from the sidelines.

"I shed tears every now and then watching us go through that. Not only because I can't be out there, but because I've been in four, five-game losing streaks and it's not easy."

Durant says he still has faith in the veterans and leaders in the locker room, saying they know how to get out of a slump like this. He also has faith in head coach Corey Chamblin.

"If there's anyone who can get this thing turned around, it's him."

Now all Durant can do is count down the days until he can get back on the field with the team.

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