Defense focusing on sacks at Roughrider training camp

Coach: goal to set a sack record this season
Reported by Joel Gasson
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Mother nature was once again the story at Roughrider training camp on Tuesday.

The wind was gusting all morning, causing headaches for quarterbacks and kickers. However, it would have little effect on the defensive ends. A position that is going to be vital if the Roughriders hope to improve on defense this season.

The Roughriders struggled last year to get pressure on the quarterback, something that is a focus for the team this year.

"Our main objective, to tell you the truth, is to set a sack record," said defensive line coach Mike Walker. "We got to get that going, we got to change that."

Brent Hawkins has also apparently been challenged by Odell Willis, the leagues co-leader in sacks last year.

"Odell (Willis) has already told me he's going to lead the league in sacks," said Hawkins. "He told me to catch up already, although anything hasn't happened yet."

The lofty goals are something that doesn't phase Walker. He said if you don't talk about your goals, you'll never achieve them.

It didn't seem to bother head coach Corey Chamblin either.

"As long as it's someone in green that's leading the league, I'm okay," joked Chamblin. "They both want it, but desire's not enough. They have to do the right things to make sure they get there."

Before camp Willis was pretty much a shoe in to sit number one on the depth chart, but Chamblin demoted Willis to second after being arrested in the offseason. Chamblin then appointed Kenny Rowe number one.

"It don't matter how you start, it's how you finish," said Rowe. "Odell is going keep making me work hard for the spot."

Rowe adds that he's been working hard on his first step in order to be more explosive.

Play of the Day: Rob Bagg had easily the best play in the morning session when he laid out for a ball thrown by Levi Brown.

Sinorice Moss and DeShawn Wynn were nicked up and didn't participate in the morning session. Receivers Dallas Baker and Dwayne Jarrett were also limited. OL Nerraw McCormak left late with an undisclosed injury.

There's only one practice Wednesday at 3:30pm.