CJME's Coolest Job Ever Auditions Round 2

Rants focus on the need for a better running game
Reported by CJME staff
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CJME's judges put eight Roughrider fans to the test in the second round of auditions for the Coolest Job Ever and this time they had another loss to talk about.

Trevor Gelsinger came out to CJME today to audition because he thinks he can represent a real Rider fan's point of view on the Green Zone.

"The string of losses has brought worry on to the Rider faithful and some people who were planning the parade route down Albert Street are the same ones who are jumping off the bandwagon faster than Weston Dressler can run the 40," Gelsinger commented.

John Wilkinson was one of the contestants who chose to weigh in on what went wrong in the last three straight losses.

"When you are up by 19 points going into the fourth quarter you don't pass the ball you run the ball," he said.

Jason Knox from Weyburn was also in the line of hopeful football fan analysts. He talked about how great it is to finally have another franchise quarterback, but he had some critiques of his own.

"One thing about Darian's game that needs to change, and it really was evident this week, is the fact that he will not run the football at times when the lane opens up for him," Knox said, then he went out on a bit of a limb. "With that rant I'm going to do something that's unbelievably taboo as it comes to Rider fans - I'm going to say he needs to be more like Henry Burris."

He pointed out that Burris can take the time to find the lane to get extra yards when he doesn't have an open receiver and in his opinion that's something our quarterback should try a bit more often.

Des Reed also pointed the running game.

"I know what you're saying, it's the CFL, it's a passing league - yeah it is but the running game is to football, even the CFL, like the jab is to a boxer, it keeps the opponent off balance, it keeps the oponent wore down and that's what we need to do more of in Riderville," he said.

He referred to the glory days of George Reed to make his point.

Tricia Rieviere talked about her biggest pet peeve about some fans who keep blaming all of the team's woes on Darian Durant.

"The most common complaint I hear is we should just pull Durant, that is just ridiculous," she pointed out. "All three of our losses this season we had a chance to win the game in the fourth quarter, no coach in their right mind would pull a veteran QB and put in a rookie when they have a chance to win."

Lee Ament thinks the problem is that the Riders are playing scared because Corey Chamblin keeps making so many changes and nobody knows when a mistake could send them to the bench.

If you think you have what it takes to represent the fan perspective every week on the radio, the next auditions are August 22 at F.W. Hill Mall downtown. Remember to pre-register online.