CFL Week 1 Recap and Power Rankings

My two cents on Week 1 in the CFL Season.

Riders 43 - Tiger-Cats 16

- The 2011 Darian Durant was an anomaly, not 2010.

- In man coverage, you can not cover Weston Dressler.

- Henry Burris and company don't deserve the hype.... yet. They'll get better.

- Why did the Tiger-Cats sign Avon Cobourne?!?! Chevon Walker is a beast.

Eskimos 19 - Argonauts 15

- Argos vs. Eskimos = nap time.

- Ricky Ray will get better, not sure Steven Jyles will.

Stampeders 38 - Alouettes 10

- I may be wrong about Drew Tate. He may indeed be the real deal.

- The clock is ticking on Anthony Calvillo and the Alouettes.

Lions 33 - Blue Bombers 16

- B.C. Lions are who we thought they were, if you want to crown 'em, then crown their a**es. (I love Dennis Green)

- As goes Buck, go the Bombers. Down goes Buck, down go the Bombers.

Week 1 Power Rankings

  1. B.C. Lions (1-0) - The Grey Cup Champions rolled through the pre-season and continued that trend through Week 1 of the regular season. Geroy Simon is the all-time receiving yards leader and has more gas in his tank than anybody before him at this stage in his career. On defense, the Lions will again be stingy. They have a great thing set up for years to come, unless Travis Lulay takes off to the NFL.
  2. Saskatchewan Roughriders (1-0) - It was a close call with the Stampeders but when Darian Durant, Weston Dressler and Kory Sheets have nights like that, and the defense gives up 16, you have to put the Riders high after Week 1. This team is high energy and fast. If you live by the saying 'speed kills', the Riders are set up for a good year.
  3. Calgary Stampeders (1-0) - I'm not convinced! They took advantage of the Alouettes at their absolute worst. Drew Tate threw two interceptions and if they are going to do well he has to protect the football. Their defense looks great with all the changes to the coaching staff and personnel.
  4. Edmonton Eskimos (1-0) - I really didn't want to put the Eskimos here. Call it disrespect if you want Eskimo fans but just like the Stampeders, I am even less convinced! I am a believer there is always a reason a player doesn't become a starter after seven years in the league. It's usually because he's not good enough and Steven Jyles just won't convince me he's someone to take a team to a championship until the moment he lifts a trophy above his head. His defense may drag him there though.
  5. Montreal Alouettes (0-1) - I'm putting them this high likely out of respect and respect alone. They have a great running back and great receivers, oh and a pretty darn good quarterback. I believe they'll get things straight quickly.
  6. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (0-1) - Buck says he'll play! He better or Pierce may be handing over the reins to Alex Brink soon enough. Brink put up decent enough numbers against Lions that Winnipeg should consider giving him a start or two and not rush Pierce back to the huddle too soon. It was 16-10 going into the fourth quarter against B.C. The defense isn't the Bombers problem.
  7. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (0-1) - A big game for Henry Burris... to bad it was against the Riders. Has he ever won a big game against Saskatchewan? I can make a lot of excuses for the Tiger-Cats on why they lost as badly as they did from bad timing on penalties to a coach not being quick on the draw with a challenge flag but lets face it that defense has a lot of work to do after giving up 500 yards of offense.
  8. Toronto Argonauts (0-1) - Do they deserve to be at the bottom? Yes! They could have easily beat the Eskimos on the weekend but they were just too inconsistent. Note to Scott Milanovich... Cory Boyd runs the ball really well! His 6 yard per carry average should tell you he can help out Ricky Ray and take some pressure off. Eight carries is not enough. (Throwing him the ball 10 times, not nearly as effective)