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CFL Suspends Jimenez

Heres the edict from the league office

The Canadian Football League (CFL) announced today that it has imposed a one-game suspension on offensive lineman Jason Jimenez of the B.C. Lions for Rough Play on an illegal block on defensive lineman Anthony Gargiulo of the Calgary Stampeders during the Saturday, November 3 game at B.C. Place Stadium.  This decision was determined following an extensive review process that included a formal hearing.

Through the CFL-CFLPA Collective Bargaining Agreement, each CFL player has the right to have a disciplinary decision of the Commissioner reviewed by an independent arbitration process. The CFL has yet to be informed if Mr. Jimenez has elected to pursue his rights under this process.

One game? The CFL needs to

One game?

The CFL needs to learn from its mistakes. A one game suspension is far too soft. All of the panelists on CBC's broadcast yesterday said minimum "season" suspension.

I guess the CFL is banking on the riders beating the Lions .... :)

Either way, I think Jimenez should be banned. Too bad there wasn't better video footage of the incident to make it easier to determine 100% if there was intent to injure. Knowing the BC linemen and how they play, combined with the fact that this play took place away from the ball makes it pretty clear to me that this was the case.


As a fan of the CFL, I feel

As a fan of the CFL, I feel the need, to repost this everywhere. I think it speaks volumes. And, I look forward to more of the panelists having the balls to back up what they reccomended as a suspension on Sunday.

Is the C.F.L. going to make

Is the C.F.L. going to make Jimenez serve his "PIDDLY ONE GAME SUSPENSION" next week, or can he pick the game ?????

B.C.has by far, the most "DIRTY PLAYERS" in the C.F.L.

I always had respect for Wally, but with what he is letting his players get away with, takes away any respect I ever had for him, or ever will have again.

He has proven that he will do whatever it takes to win, even if it means letting his team play the most "DIRTY FOOTBALL" that myself, & many, many more fans have ever seen !!!!!!!!!!

Are you "PROUD OF YOURSELF", Wally ?

If you are, you should be "ASHAMED OF YOURSELF" !!!!!!!!!!!

The rest of the League is.

let me get this

let me get this straight!!!TALK bad about the c.f.l.'s glaring mistakes,and they will rape your bank account!!!but BREAK A GUYS LEGS,POSSIBLY ENDING A SHORT CAREER???one game...(oh and we're appealing it?)what a bloody joke this league is turning into!!!and i thought the soprano's were done!!!they're alive and well in vancouver,whacking players at tony"wally buono" soprano's wink...and sadly....getting away with it.
wake up C.F.L. your embarrasing ALL of us...
tim s.

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