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Austin Won't Take Kerry's Credit

Kent Austin is downplaying the impact he's had on Kerry Joseph's career year.


Great Interview with Austin

Too bad I couldn't hear it. Here is a tip guys - speak into the mic!! Or turn up the sensitivity or do something so that I can actually hear what is being said without having to go into an insulated hearing chamber. Austin is soft spoken .. so make an adjustment. Its no different than football. Another tip. The guys asking the questions have to speak into the mic too. It is very frustrating to have to attempt to divine what the question that the background mumble was by listening to Austin's response.

Great Interview.... Same Question.

I mentioned the same thing quite awhile ago and, & the reply I got was that they only have one mic., & that is the one that Austin uses.

I don't know why the reporters can't have a Cordelss Mic., & just pass it around.

It sure would be nive to be able to here the questions being asked.

There have been a few times where the answer didn't make much sence, due to not knowing what the question was.


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