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And The Winners Are

The Rider nominees for year-end awards were released this morning. They are

MOP-Kerry Joseph

Canadian-Andy Fantuz

Defensive player-Fred Perry

Lineman-Jeremy O'Day

Rookie-John Chick

Special Teams-Luca Congi

To see the nominees from all eight teams, go to The division finalists will be named later this month with league winners being announced as always during Grey Cup week.

Joe Smith/Steroids

When I look at Joe Smith one word come to my mind--steroids. He's big, fast, powerful,and he rarely fumbles. Maybe he is a really good running back. If he is just like that naturally or if he worked himself to that level, then he should get the MOP. But if he is using em' steroids, get him outta here, Joseph should get MOP. oh yeah, I think Roberts is clean, maybe a little too much caffeine, which explains his height and speed.

Oko Sinko

Special Teams Selection???

Personally I would have picked Jamie Boreham not Luca

i agree - they got it wrong

i agree - they got it wrong - boreham hasn't directly gotten ay points - but he has worked HARD and made some amazing plays this whole year, consistently (not something i could say about congi!)

I don’t think we had any

I don’t think we had any real standouts on special teams this year, but certainly Congi is a fair choice, and his performance was much better than Boreham’s who has done a poor job punting this year.

Boreham better than Congi last year

I had thought Boreham had done a great job punting and with kickoffs this year but maybe it's just in comparison to the disaster of last year (Congi punting).

Special Teams Selection???

I was also pretty shocked to find out that Congi was selected over Boreham. Boreham has been huge for us this year recovering punts, and not to mention he goes down field to make tackles. Boreham sure has been quite an upgrade compared to what we had last year! Congi has been off and on all year, and should be worried having a 71% ratio. I believe he is tied for fifth in the league out of eight teams. If I was him I would be worried next year.

Boreham’s hustle plays

Boreham’s hustle plays were good plays and he deserves credit for them, but Boreham is our punter, and he’s the second worst punter in the league, and that’s where any passing thought of nominating Boreham would have stopped.

Congi had a bit of an average year in his sophomore year. He's not in any danger, but we'll need to upgrade Boreham's position next year. He's never been a good punter in this league and he didn't change that this year.

Have 2 Agree.

I agree that Boreham should have neen picked as Special Team Player.
Mainly for his downfield play after a punt, plus his kickoffs.
Punting is not the best, though.
Does he place-kick as well as punting ?

Congi has not had a good year, but has done much better the last half of the season.


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