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Austin Relents

If the B.C. Lions clinch first place in the early game Friday, Kent Austin admits it probably would change his approach to the Edmonton game.

Kent can relent all he wants...Henry is coming

And the Rider's are scared as are their fans - this game is over! Riders are destined to lose. Can't wait for the playoff game..Calgary has a better QB, better receivers and a much better defence. Will be a walk through the park...Rider fans can start cheering for Calgary in the Grey Cup!

Re-Walk ThroughThe Park.

The "STUMP-EATERS" better just walk through the park, as it will save them the embarressment of getting a:

BIG-A-S-BEATING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Calgery get extremeley, extremley, extremely, lucky, & wins(Which they won't)& wins, I'll cheer for whatever team that is playing them:

& THAT'S THE TRUTH !!!!!!!!!!!!


I can't believe that I actually liked them @ one time.

You're Delusional

Its a well known fact that Hank can't win the big get your crying towel ready and prepare to cheer for the Riders in the Western Final.


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