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Kerry for M.O.P.?

Sounded far-fetched only a month ago, not anymore!

what if???give it a serious thought!

we've all seen how a player breaks a record,game stops a few accolades and former record holder is in attendance.WHAT IF we saw mr doug flutie here when the argos are(when i suspect k.j. will break record for rushing td's by a q.b.)its been too long since we have seen this on our turf for our guys!most recently steagle(sorry for the spelling) was honored with george reed at mosaic,but i think after what k.j has done so far this year,and considering how there were some running him out of town just a few short weeks ago....don't you think we owe it to him and the team?as someone who has met doug flutie,and knows him...i don't think it will be hard to convince him to come.and besides...i think we made a few extra bucks this year(for a change)why can't we maybe pay him to be here?time is short,and we need to act now to make it the riders and help get this ball rolling...
tim s.

season vs. career

Theres's a big difference between career and season. They had plenty of time to prepare for Milt. And it is a much larger accomplishment. I don't think the CFL is willing to just stop the play of the game for a season record.

Don't get me wrong, I think that KJ is doing a phenomonal job, and if he continues, he will get his due. But, rather than spend money on something like this, I would rather see the RR organization secure it's solid team for the future.

Sidenote : And for the love of Pete, can we get some investors, to get in there a put a roof over the place, yeah I know it's great to be tough and all, but November football needs to be in a covered stadium.

Roof ??????

A roof is a great idea, but there is one "BIG PROBLEM".

I/E--Where would the Riders play while the roof was being put on?

An undertaking like that cannot be built in one off season.

It probably would be nearly as cheap to build a new stadium, & I can't honestly see that taking place for quite a few years.
Also BIG $,S.

GOOD IDEA, though.

Dwight S.

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