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That's the one word that comes to mind when I think of Sunday's outing. Every aspect of the game came through with a solid yet unspectacular game and that's fine. Yes there were some standouts like John Chick who was a monster out there and Kerry Joseph who just continues to move this team down the field but really with the exception of the above two were there any real standouts on this afternoon.

I thought Kent Austin put it best in the locker-room near the end of his media session after the game(Listen to that elsewhere). Kent said this team managed to put what was a very tumultuous week behind them and concentrate on the task at hand. It was a chaotic week ranging from the events of last week in Hamilton to the subsequent fines to the freak injury suffered by Chris Szarka to the family matters of Mike Washington to the pomp and pageantry of the Plaza of Honor Dinner and finally clinching 2nd spot thanks to Winnipeg's win on Friday. It was a lot for this football team as they prepared for Hamilton. They just went out and got the job done. There was no flash, there was no pizzazz. They just took it to a team that they should have. They jumped on the Ti-Cats early and never ever got threatened.

Just a couple of other thoughts on today's game. Its a play that won't be noticed by some but the tone was set early by Scott Gordon on that big hit he delivered to Brock Ralph. The other thing is I want to see Neal Hughes get in the end-zone. Neal was one of the best running backs in the CIS when he came to the Riders after his days with the Rams and he has turned into a special teams demon but Kent is seeing that he can contribute offensively and keeps giving him touches. I thought for sure we would see Hughes plunge in from the 1 today but it will happen and I for one will be a happy camper. Talk to you on the show tomorrow night.

Kent Austin.

You can see KENT AUSTIN written all over the WHOLE TEAM.

He coaches with the same intensity that he had when he played.

The word "LOSING" isn't in his dictionery.
He takes absolutnley "NO CREDIT FOR THE TEAMS SUCCESS". He did the same when he was playing.

He says, and I'm sure you have heard him say it, that the credit all goes to his coaches. As he says, it is easy to be head coach with the great coaches he has, doing all the coaching.

Coach of the year:
I can't honestly think of anyone else that should even come close.

Dwight S.

I would say that you can see

I would say that you can see Kent and Roy all over this team, Roy’s talent and Kent’s coaching. I agree that Kent should be the coach of the year this year. He’s done an outstanding job, but Roy’s talent has been his building blocks. Tillman, otoh, has yet to bring in a decent DT, and he’s only found one decent receiver, and as a result we’ve been starting Murphy and Washington, two players who don’t belong in this league. I really hope that Tillman’s laziness this past off season doesn’t cost us the cup, but I’m really worried that the lack of depth in our receiving corps may be our Achilles heel in the playoffs.

SO EYE CEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I see it is "TILLMAN BASHING TIME"again, or should I say, still.

Hey, kid, What the H--l do you expect the man to have done ?
He has only been here for one full season.

Oh, yeh, D.T.'S are a DIME A DOZEN.
I'll bet that there at least 50,+ that have there names in the Employment Office looking for work.

As far as Roys talent goes,it is showin up at a Barbacue Pit in an Off-Strip Hotel in Reno.
(They didn't want him any longer in Vegas).

GROW UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!

He’s only been here a year

He’s only been here a year so why should he even have gotten out of bed yet, right? How many FA camps did he hold this off season? Oh yeah, zero. What happened to all those 1,000 receivers he brought to camp? They were all other teams’ cast offs who were done. We get lots of smoke and very little performance from Tillman. Washington has caught 0 passes in 3 of his last 6 games, and Murphy is old and slow and done, but that’s all ok with you, is it? It’s funny how some people who did a lot of talking about accountability with respect to the last regime have changed their tune with Tillman. That's ugly stuff.

Still waiting for your

Still waiting for your suggestions??????????

You waited a whole 12 hours

You waited a whole 12 hours did you? How did you ever survive?

The first thing to note is that as far as I know most, and perhaps all, other CFL teams hold FA camps. We’ve done if for years and have found a lot of our key talent that way. Deciding not to do the off season work holding these camps obviously cuts off a major source of our talent. Further, in the salary cap era it’s even more important to recruit good young players because they are also cheap. If you rely heavily on signing more expensive veteran FAs for your role players then you’re not going to have as much money for your stars as other teams have. But this is exactly what Tillman did. He held no FA camps and instead signed Haley, Anderson, Hill, Yeast, Jackson, etc. for our camp, and a number of others during the season.

As for specific positions, he cut Nate but only signed Haley, a 34 year old who had been out of football for two years, and Browning, a guy who had a nice college career but who was almost certainly too small to play the position in the CFL. Neither of them made it out of camp, but even more importantly neither of them was even a half decent prospect to begin with. Tillman settled for what he could get sitting on his duff in Regina, and that ended up being players no one else wanted, an over the hill ex-NFL player, and a player who looked good as college player but who didn’t have the physical skills for the CFL. During the year he signed Eddie Freeman, a player who looked great on paper, but if you do a bit of searching you’ll find that the KC people were say that he wasn’t properly scouted before they drafted him and that he had “social issues” and “classroom issues”. Freeman wasn’t on anyone’s neg list just before camp, and that tells us that everyone else passed on him, so again Tillman is the one last out of bed in the morning and is left to pick up what everyone else has passed on. It’s a darn good thing that Roy has such a great eye for talent and that Adams has been able to step into a starting role, else we’d have a major fall off in talent at that position.

In the receiving corps Tillman initially brought only 1 young prospect to camp, Tinch, and he left. Almost all of the other players Tillman brought in were junk, players who were cast off from other teams because they were done, but a few had had 1,000 yard seasons somewhere in their past and so he talked that up for a while. Anderson came with such little value that we turned around and traded him to Hamilton and didn’t even have to compensate Montreal for doing that, and yet he was talked up as a great pickup when we acquired him. Yeast was done, and further he was kicked off his last team for attitude problems. Jackson never was, and he was in his mid 30s too. Murphy is done, and he was only ever mediocre. Junk, junk, junk. All players who were laying around or easily obtainable from his easy chair in Regina, but who looked sort of good on paper and so were saleable to the media and the fans, at least in the short term. The only half decent one was Flick, and he came with a very big contract because he was a cap casualty. So training camp was largely a waste because we had a lot of junk players just killing time and eating up space. Now most of them are gone and we’ve brought a few young guys in during the season. Two of them, Washington and Pray, we picked off of Toronto’s PR, so again Tillman didn’t have to do any work for them. We’ll now have to see what Marshall can do, but again he’s the kind of super small player that most teams don’t go for, so he was probably available when Tillman got around to rolling out of bed in the morning.

At running back Tillman again brought in 1 young prospect to camp, and when he didn’t pan out Tillman was left scrambling. Any half competent GM should be able to find his own RBs, right? They’re supposed to be a dime a dozen right? But because of his lack of off season recruiting, and holding no FA camps, he had to trade away a NI player and a top asset to find a RB at the last minute. First he traded a first round pick for Childs, and when that didn’t pan out he traded a good NI OL for Cates. Cates is a good player, but not a great player. Tillman should certainly have been able to find a Cates like player on his own, but instead he ended up trading away a first round pick and a good NI OL instead of doing the work to find a RB himself.

And this is not new behaviour for Tillman. This is apparently what he did in Ottawa too, and it’s doubtless a big reason why they took his football responsibilities away from him after 2 years. And it may well have been the same story for him in his previous job in Toronto, where he was fired after only 1 year. So no one should be surprised by this. This is who Tillman is. He certainly wasn’t hired for his football abilities. He was a political hire. The one real anomaly is that somehow he ended up hiring a great coach. Whether he thought Kent would be a lightening rod here and keep attention away from him, or whether though he could depend on Kent to be loyal to him no matter what - remember that Paopao didn’t stand by him after his performance in his first two years in Ottawa - I don’t know, but whatever the reason, even if it was luck, you do have to give him credit for hiring Kent. Inadvertently or otherwise I think he’s launched a great coaching career with Kent.


Yes Roy had a GREAT eye for talent. After all, he chose the talent of Nealon Green over the talent of Henry Burris and Kevin Glenn.

Nuff said.

Perhaps Austin G.M. & Coach @Some Time?

Perhaps Austin(if Tillman doesn't work out)will be Coach, & G.M. some day.

I, personally think that he can, & would, do a "GREAT JOB" of both positions. I don't know if Austin has his sights set on being a G.M. @ any time soon, or ever.

In saying this, I also think that we, as Rider Fans, should wait & see, who, & for what positions, Tillman brings in players for the next season. I'm certainly not giving up on him, or anyone else quite yet. It is up to the other caoches as well to let the G.M. know what areas they want, & have to improve in.
Agree, or not ?
Hopefully they will have a few F.A. Camps in the near future, as they sometimes can produce some real good talent.

Lets here everyones replies to this one.

Dwight S.

I’d definitely be for

I’d definitely be for Austin taking over both jobs. Better yet it would be great to have someone from the old regime who knows the ins and outs of how the recruiting was done in the past. An ideal situation might be to have Barrett as GM and Kent as coach, but there is a whole lot of politics that would stand in the way of that. Hall is a connection to that regime and if he was interested making him GM or co-GM might be a way to go.

Good Idea, But !!!!

I,personally, think that Danny would make areal good G.M., somewhere,someday.

As far as him coming back to the Riders, man, that would be a real tough one, seeing the remarks he made re the Riders when he left here.

I really don't know about Richie Hall.

As you know, a G.M.should have the right connections. Maybe he does, I don't know. He sure is a "LIKEABLE LITTLE GUY", though, which is a good trademark of a G.M. Good coach as well. I think he is a good judge of talent, but can only work with what is given him !!!!

Anyway, we have a G.M., so lets see what he can do before looking for another one.


I think one of Hall’s best

I think one of Hall’s best connections would be to Roy. If Roy was prepared to mentor him then ideally we could end up getting back the recruiting abilities that we had. If you look at the talent we used to bring in and compare it to what’s been brought in this year it’s enough to make you cry, but what Kent has been able to do with this team is very, very, impressive. So if we could get back that pipeline of talent and keep Kent as a coach we’d be looking very good to be a top team for a long time.

Please provide examples of

Please provide examples of other teams who had FA camps down south and have players from those camps who are currently dominating the league, or at least on the active roster?

Why do you not give him ANY credit for his trades or pick-ups off of practise rosters? Name any other GM has made more significant trades than Tillman this year (ie. got 2 starters for a 3rd rate qb)?

Personally I don't think Tillman is perfect (who is?), he will have to bring in young talent and you are right in saying this is probably his weakest talent. However, to basically trash the guy repeatly without even giving him a shred of credit makes me question your motives. As Gormly loves to say, "this just isn't passing the sniff test".

Still Waiting For Answer.

We are still waiting for your answer to the question that was posted, re what players made, & are still with the team, that were found in the F.A. Camps.

Do you, whomever put in the comment, have the answer ?

Maybe Mitch---Brendan, or Wray might know the answer.

If either of you guys know, plaese fill us in.


I’ll get to some of the

I’ll get to some of the rest of your post later today, but as for your question about which players on other teams were found at FA camps, please feel free to get off your butt and do that research yourself. As for the Riders, we have found players like Dominguez, Armstrong, Robinson and many others. This has been discussed over the years on other boards so please feel free to search them for fuller lists of these players. I don’t remember all of them off the top of my head, and I'm not your research boy. It is surely a very impressive list and if you're really interested then please feel free to do a little bit of research for yourself.

Would Like to know.

I really would like to know who put in the above comment re finding out themselvs.

Hopefully it wasn't one of the reporters:
I/E/.... Mitch....Wray, or Brendan.

If it was one of the above mentioned, they should show a little more constraint in there comments.

The reason the question was aked of one of you guys, (if this was one), was because it was thought that seeing you are in the know, you might have an answer to the asked question.

Please tell me it wasn't one of you three.

From Mitch

Wasn't any of us--well I can't speak for Brendan but I don't think so. Dominguez was found at a free agent camp and I think Reggie Hunt was as well. Interesting to note that the Riders didn't hold any free agent camps this off-season but instead relied on Joe Womack to get some players up here which he did. (Marshall, Chick, Jovon Johnson) just to name a couple. Some teams hold free agent camps like the Riders did under Roy Shivers and some teams don't. Bottom line is you do find a couple of jewels in the rough but not consistently.

Mitch, didn't think it was.

I honestly didn't think the post was from any of you guys.

You three have WAY MORE CLASS than the person who put in the comment.

Keep up the "GOOD WORK", guys.

No, it wasn't any of you.

No, it wasn't any of you. And what you're saying here is not really accurate, btw Mitch. Every year we used to bring a many good prospects in that we found at FA camps. Go back through your training camp rosters and see for yourself. This year we brought in very few young prospects at all, and that’s not a coincidence. Marshall and Jo. Johnson were not here for training camp either, and it remains to be seen how good either one of them really is. Only Chick was here for training camp, and while he has proven himself to be a good prospect, he may be the only one to come out of camp this year. We had 0 good young receiving prospects come out of camp this year, and 0 good running back prospects. Compare that to recent years. (We actually did have one good RB prospect, Russell, but we gave up on him too soon, and he wasn't Tillman's player anyway. Roy put him on our list, and I can't help but wonder if Chick was one of Roy's players as well.)


Just a "TAD TESTY" are we !!!!!!

Hey, Bud, it was just a question......
Thanx allot for giving me your permission to look it up.
Greatly Appreciated.


If you have the time to post

If you have the time to post repeated messages telling me that you’re “still waiting” for me to look up info for you then you have time to do a little work searching for it yourself, don’t ya think? And I’ll answer the rest of your earlier post whenever I get to it. I've suddenly lost the motivation to spend much time on giving you quality answers.

Re-If you have time to post.

I really didn't mean that you had to look them up for me.
I just thought that you might know,as you seem to be up on things, (I think)

Oh, by the way, I did look it up, & found, as you said, the "QUALITY ANSWERS" that I was asking about.

No need to get so "UPSET" about such a trivial thing, is there ?

I might post the info for you at a later date.

Hav a "GOOD DAY", EH !!!!!!!!!!

Why don't you just lay the

Why don't you just lay the cards on the table and tell us why you have so much hostility for Tillman? Seriously dude, your anger is not healthy nor normal.

Yes, we all get it!! You think Tillman doesn't have the skills to find talent, fine that is your opinion. However your remarks give me and many others the impression your are just seething at the mention of his name. That is at the very least is quite odd and at the most, rather disturbing.

We are all big fans of the Riders and at the end of the day we all want them to win, which they are. We should be rejoicing at their success. Hey wait a minute, the majority are!

I think my posts are very

I think my posts are very detailed and self explanatory. Many would, and have, said that they are too detailed. ;-) I think that it’s you who is trying to avoid the content of what I’m saying by trying to create some other kind of spin, and I don’t see any “us”, btw, only you. Did you feel that it was ok to criticize Roy? If so, then why the double standard with Tillman? Do you feel that Rider fans should just lie down and accept mediocrity? Are you more comfortable with people like Tillman that with people like Roy for some reason? Do tell.

To be honest I have never

To be honest I have never criticized any Rider including Shivers. Each has strengths and weakness, everyone does. I don't find it productive to focus on the negative aspects of any GM coach or player. Whether Roy, Eric, Yo Murphy, or any player, I cheer for them because they are Riders. I want them to do well and I don't see how complaining about them on some chat forum is going to make them any better. I could choose to point out every minute mistake made (according to me) but it would make absolutely no diference in the outcome. Personally that option doesn't get my mojo flowing so this is why I choose not to. For some I guess it does. I find this rather sad but whatever...

BTW: I am just one of a few who are replying to your posts, some are written by me, some written by others.

I’ll take you at your word

I’ll take you at your word that you’ve never criticized any Rider, but I assume that you’ve been around discussion boards enough to know that discussion takes place on them, and that not all of it is positive. Did you question everybody who criticized Roy as well, or do you only do that to those who criticize Tillman? Just curious. If you’ve been reading this board much you will have noted that I have heaped high praise on Kent and Kerry and Matt and a number of other Rider people, and yet you seem to be trying to characterize me as only critic. That’s curious as well, and not really honest. So, again I have to say that your post reads more like an attempt at spin than a fair comment. And I also think you’re being a little naïve about the impact that public opinion and the media can have on a team, or, otoh, perhaps you known it very well. You also say that the posts that appear to be from you are really from a number of people? But you, and apparently all of them, have all chosen to remain anonymous. Hmm….. Weren’t you mentioning something earlier about a stink test?

How about this, just provide

How about this, just provide the positive player moves (signings, trades, etc) Tillman has done since he has been GM and I'll move on. Surely he has made a few good decisions hasn't he?

Just for one post could you explain the good things he has done without the negativity? That's all I'm asking.

Two that I have already

Two that I have already mentioned in this thread are the hiring of Kent and the signing of Chick, if in fact Chick was his guy. In case he wasn’t I’ll give you another one. Airabin Justin has emerged to become a very decent player. He’s been almost as good as Morgan was, and he has a much smaller contract, so overall I think that change has worked out well for us so far.

Position----Who ?

What position(s) do you feel that Eric hasn't done the job in ?

You seem to be up on you football knowledge, (I think), so who do you think he should have brought in, either by picking up a player, or trading for one ?

I'm not trying to be a Smart A-s, just wondering, like I said, for what positions, & whom.

I'll be waiting for your answers to my very, very easy question.


well at least you didn't

well at least you didn't mention the standard "Tillman gives scholarship to his favorite players" diatribe you frequently espose.

Now Tillman is "lazy". least you're trying to be original.

As far as receivers, we will be alright. Every player needs to step it up, Kent has been drilling that into their heads all year and you have seen the results. The playoffs will be no different.

Tillman....lazy?!?!?!?!? WTF?

I think Tillman has done a great job.

The acquisition of Wes Cates....highway robbery!
Cory Holmes? another solid pickup, just to name a couple.

Get over Roy already, he's gone and its time to move on.

Re... Tillman Lazy?!?!?!?! WTF

I read your comment, & could not agree more.
Isn't it just amazing how some people can still complian when things are going just fine.

If, by next year at this time, he hasen't brought anyone in, then it will be the time to question his ability to find players.

Getting Cory back, & getting Cates, were both great trades.

Some people just can't get over Roy being gone.
This team, had we had the same starters last year, would NOT Be WHERE THEY ARE TODAY !!!!!

Dear Roy would have caused some kind of disension among the players, &,or coaches. Probably the Board of Directors as well.

You are right in saying that it is "TIME TO MOVE ON".

Go GREEN !!!!!!!!!!!!

What happens when Burris runs over your defense?

Oh lose!!!!!!!1

What happens when Burris runs over your defence?

"Oh lose!!!!!"

And what happens when Burris can't play because he's hurt, or he chokes like he did in last year's semi-final?

YOU lose!


Question Mitch

Why is Eric allowed to post here, he would be kicked off all other sites with posts like that. I posted similar posts on the site and was booted! He serves no purpose!


Don't feed the trolls.

Don't feed the trolls.

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