Steinhauer family enjoys son's first CFL game

Reported by Aaron Stuckel
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After a long winter without any Saskatchewan Roughrider action, most fans were watching Saturday’s game to see the star players. But for Moose Jaw’s Steinhauer family, all eyes were fixed on number 75.

After Levi Steinhauer was picked in the fifth round of the 2013 CFL draft, his father Keith took the family down to Saskatoon to celebrate with a family supper.

“Levi was just relaxed that somebody took him. He wasn’t wondering anymore,” said Keith prior to the season opener. “It was lots of fun.”

Since then, Keith and his wife Cathy have been giving their son moral support as he worked his way through training camp and the pre-season. He’s had to learn the Rider’s playbook and has been taking home game footage to study up for the season.

“He’s got a good football mind, and it’s really neat now how I look at the game differently to watch for stuff I know he’s got to watch for,” said Keith.

With Levi’s first regular season CFL game on Saturday, members of his family flocked to the Steinhauer residence to watch the game. Keith said they would all be glued to the television, sitting on the edge of their seats, hoping Levi didn’t make too many “rookie mistakes.”

“I think we get more nervous than he does,” Keith said. “He’s relaxed and he knows what he has to do.”

Keith said the Riders’ veterans have been very helpful making him feel comfortable and playing in his home province has helped as well.

Like most people in Rider Nation, Keith is a long time Rider fan, and seeing his son in a Rider jersey has seemed somewhat unreal.

“It’s surreal,” he said. “Even after the draft, my wife and I would be here going, ‘Did that really happen?’”

Steinhauer will make his Rider debut at Mosaic Stadium next Friday.