Rider fans pick their jerseys

Reported by Aaron Stuckel
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The 2013 Saskatchewan Roughriders' regular season doesn't kick-off until Saturday when the team heads to Edmonton to take on the Eskimos.

But Rider Nation has already responded with a surge in paraphernalia sales at the Rider Store in Regina's Northgate Mall.

Staff at the store say things like T-shirts and barbeque utensils have been big sellers. Jerseys, of course, remain a coveted symbol of Rider pride. But though additions like Geroy Simon, John Chick and Ricky Foley have been consistent sellers in the jersey category, Weston Dressler still seems to be a fan favourite.

"He's so small, yet he's shifty and sly. He's quick, and he's got great hands, of course," said Adam Gottslieg, who was at The Rider Store Friday picking up a shirt for work. "He seems to be one of those targets that's double-teamed all the time, but he still manages to find his way out of that and make the catch when he needs to."

Gottslieg wasn't the only Dressler fan picking up Rider swag on Friday. Reg Welsh picked up a golf shirt and said he's got a lot of Rider memorabilia, but a Dressler jersey is the next on his list.

"I've got Getzlaf, one of Durant put up on the wall in a case," he said.

"I'd get Dressler. I have Getzlaf so I'd probably get Dressler," he added after being asked what the next jersey would be for his collection.

However, Roberta Smith said she prefers jerseys without a number.

"All of the jerseys I have either have nothing on them, or the 13," she said. "(Because) when they leave then what do you do with the jersey?"

Rider fans won't get a chance to show off their new green and white threads until next Friday when the Calgary Stampeders are in town.